Property owners in the Darlington region may be surprised to learn that replacing a conservatory roof can be an easy and cost-effective process. At IC Davison Limited, we ensure that all materials are of the highest quality and designed to last. Our team installs insulated conservatory roofs, bi-folding doors, sliding sash windows and composite doors throughout the North East, and have a reputation for a warm, welcoming and positive approach.


By coming to us for replacement conservatory roofs, homeowners in the Darlington area receive precise workmanship and the experience of a knowledgeable team. Below we discuss a few of the indicators that it’s time to contact a reliable contractor for a new conservatory roof.

Troublesome Leaks


The entry of water can damage your interior and leave you with an extension that can no longer be used. The Darlington weather is known for its changing conditions and regular rainfall. For this reason, any holes in your roof should be fixed as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can contact us for a brand-new roof that keeps your interior protected from the elements.


Skilled in the installation of replacement conservatory roofs, composite doors and sliding sash windows, we supply extended warranties so you can use your space with peace of mind.


Excessive Noise Pollution


If you find yourself disturbed by loud noises, then we can reduce frustration with tiling, insulation and double glazing. We craft replacement conservatory roofs that minimise the sound from the outside world, allowing you to relax in your space with far less disruption. Our experts also fit sliding sash windows, composite doors and bi-folding doors that reduce the amount of noise pollution for a more luxurious living space.


We also provide insulated conservatory roofs complete with lifetime guarantees. Please get in touch to discuss their benefits.


Age and Deterioration


Have you noticed corrosion, worn shingles or missing tiles? If so, then your roof has likely come to the end of its lifespan. A deteriorating roof may allow moisture to enter your Darlington home, leading to issues such as poor insulation and a damp interior. We at IC Davison Limited specialise in replacement conservatory roofs – restoring extensions across the North East to their former condition.


Temperature Issues


The most common complaint among homeowners comes from overheating and freezing temperatures. We understand that you want your Darlington conservatory to provide a year-round space, and can replace glass or polycarbonate roofing with innovative materials. Insulated conservatory roofs transform your space into a highly versatile area, with less energy use for a minimal carbon footprint.


Whether you need bi-folding doors, sliding sash windows, composite doors or an all-new conservatory roof, our family-run company will be thrilled to hear from you.

For replacement conservatory roofs, bi-folding doors, sliding sash windows or insulated conservatory roofs in the Darlington area, please get in touch with IC Davison Limited.

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