I C Davison is committed to conducting business fairly and honestly. We require all staff to act ethically at all times when dealing with customers, suppliers and other members of staff. We make it clear to staff that we expect the highest code of conduct when representing our organisation and to act with integrity and honesty.


We treat all people fairly and with respect and try to create a safe and positive working environment. We send a questionnaire to our supply chain to ensure their welfare of workers is also paramount within their organisation. We only use reputable employment agencies to source our employees and adhere to all uk law/legislation when interviewing and employing. We provide a legal contract and check passport details to check employees are legally entitled to work within the UK and are aged 16 or above.


We ensure our staff are paid the correct hourly rate for their age and position within the company and conduct annual pay reviews. We are a family business with family values and the welfare and safety of our employees is of paramount importance.