IC Davison are supporting of The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, registered charity number 209617 (England and Wales) and SC038979 (Scotland) with a donation of £10 from every installation over £250.


Almost two million people in the UK are living with sight loss that has a significant impact on their daily lives. Of those, around 180,000 rarely leave their homes alone and lead lonely, isolated lives. Guide Dogs works for a world where people with sight loss are never left out of life, for a world where being blind or partially sighted is not what defines you. A world with enough support to make the challenges of sight loss no barrier to fulfilling hopes and dreams.


One thing that you probably don’t think about when looking for new windows is what would it be like to not have the ability to see through those windows. Here at IC Davison we were discussing who our charity of 2019 should be and Guide Dogs seemed the obvious option. Our quality windows give you the ability to view your homes surroundings clearly, Guide Dogs help those who are blind or partially sighted see the world around them more clearly.


Did you know there are over 4,950 guide dogs in the UK helping change lives and give back freedom and independence to people of any age, living circumstance, race or religion, countryside or city, employed or unemployed. Guide Dogs fully fund the cost of food and veterinary care throughout the life of a working dog, some owners are able and like to contribute towards this however it costs around £55,000 from birth to retirement to support a Guide Dog.


 £5 can support a working guide dog for a day

 £25 can buy a white harness, the symbol of a fully functioning Guide Dog

 £95 can buy a Training School kit for a trainer who teaches the pups the specialist skills they need to learn to become a Guide Dog

 £140 can buy a starter kit for a new Guide Dog owner containing everything they need to start life with their new Guide Dog

 £4,000 is the cost to breed a Guide Dog puppy


We would love to be able to fund the cost of breeding a puppy in 2019 and are pleased to announce that for every order placed for supply and installation over £250 in 2019 IC Davison will donate £10 to Guide Dogs

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