Is artificial grass right for you?

artificial grass right for you


Wondering whether artificial grass is right for you? Here is everything you never knew you needed to know about the wonder that is artificial grass. Say goodbye to constantly mowing the lawn, weeds and the brown barren land we have become accustomed to in this years heatwave and hello to a perfect lush looking green lawn 365 days of the year. Artificial, fake, faux grass, call it what you want but in recent years the quality has vastly improved, so much so now you can have a fake lawn even the most green fingered gardener would be proud of.

Replacing your tired, patchy, weed ridden lawn with an artificial one has many benefits for todays busy households. Here are our top five reasons to consider transforming your lawn.

  • Artificial lawns require minimal upkeep. Give it a sweep or even hoover up any leaves and it will look perfect all year round. If you have kids or pets this has so many advantages, no muddy patches from constant football matches or holes getting dug in the lawn. If your pet does the toilet on it, clear any solid mess and wash the area with disinfectant and you are done.
  • Faux lawns add instant kerb appeal and potentially will add value to your property. A house with a neat low maintenance garden can be a huge selling point, many people don’t have the time or want to spend hours gardening. A faux lawn solves this problem, enjoy the benefits of a lush lawn without the hours of work.
  • Artificial grass can help if you have a garden that doesn’t drain well. When installing artificial lawns we will assess the correct sub-base required to ensure the lawn drains freely and a water logged lawn is a thing of the past.
  • There is a grass to fit most requirements and budgets. The variety of artificial grass options now available is such that we can find on to fit everyone’s needs, whether it is hard wearing but soft if the kids fall on it to lush and green like the best kept putting green. We have a grass to fit your need.
  • Finally, it looks fantastic regardless of the weather or time of year. Just think how nice it will be looking out into your much loved garden and it always looking perfect.
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