When in the market for a new home extension, conservatories are not your only option; there is also the orangery to ponder. Originally a building used for growing orange trees, hence the name, the orangery is a grand glazed structure that incorporates brickwork and large glazed windows. We produce custom-made contemporary, traditional and tiled orangeries.


Heavily influenced by the very first orangery designs, our contemporary orangeries come with a high proportion of brickwork and have more of a definite structure to them than orangeries of old. Mixing together elements of a traditional conservatory and brick extension has led to the creation of this pioneering contemporary orangery; a place for all the family to enjoy. A sticking point for some orangery buyers is the worry that this form of extension will be too cold to use in winter. All glass utilised in our contemporary orangeries offers the highest standard of thermal efficiency, so it will keep the cold out.


A contemporary orangery will bridge the gap between your home and garden, helping bring them much closer together. An access point into the garden can be established by including a door solution in the design.


A contemporary orangery can serve many different functions. It could be configured to accommodate a state-of-the-art kitchen full of all the latest gadgets and gizmos or go down the classic route and just turn it into an extravagant lounge. We will amalgamate the contemporary orangery you choose skilfully into your house so that it looks as though it has always been a part of it rather than an add-on that has very obviously been retrospectively fitted.


Striking a fine balance between glass and brick, a traditional orangery possesses brick-built pillars and a large lantern roof system that provides occupants with the most captivating sky sight-lines. A traditional orangery will be a more definite extension to your house, one that is fully in keeping with the rest of the building. Finely balancing brickwork and glass, it will feel like an actual room rather than a glass extension, as is sometimes the case with conservatories.


The brickwork used in all of our traditional orangery designs is carefully sourced in an attempt to ensure that it complements the existing brickwork used in their respective houses. This helps us successfully merge them into any building. Prior to the construction of a traditional orangery at your home you may have felt cramped for space. Once the installation has been completed you will suddenly be overwhelmed with space, particularly as it will free up room in other areas of the house.


Traditional orangeries contain a lower volume of glass than a traditional conservatory meaning that there is less transparency around the design. This will give you a greater amount of privacy and stop prying eyes from looking in. Using both brickwork and glass keeps a traditional orangery well insulated and ensures it is a highly energy efficient space. The inclusion of energy efficient glass plays a vital role in minimising heat loss and draughts.


We cover the whole of the North East including Northumbria, County Durham, Cleveland, Tyne & Wear and North Yorkshire. If your location is not listed, just give us a call or drop us a line and we will be able to advise if we cover your area.

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Inclusion of a tiled roof covering on an orangery ensures you of optimum thermal efficiency from the moment usage of the extension commences. It will in no way compromise the design; only aid it in every possible way. Certain home extensions have a tendency to fall victim to the weather on a frequent basis. For instance, south facing conservatories are renowned for overheating in the summer – a real nuisance for their owners.


A tiled orangery comes with a ready-fitted thermally insulated roof to prevent this from happening. We also match the tiles to those on your current roof. In bright, sunny conditions, glare is often caused in conservatories fitted with a glass or polycarbonate roof. The stylish tiled roof attached to our tiled orangeries’ completely eliminates the possibility of glare occurring.


The noise caused by heavy rainfall bouncing on a glass roof can be off-putting and disruptive. A tiled roof minimises the impact of rain and will also shut out some of the noise generated by surrounding properties. Speaking of rain, our tightly sealed tiled orangery roofs will stop the rain from getting into the structure, which is just as well when we live in such a wet climate!


We will openly admit that a tiled roof can slightly limit light transference in comparison to a fully glazed roof. However, this is easily overcome with the inclusion of roof windows – just one of many available finishing touches.

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When investing in an orangery you will likely have lots of questions you would like answered. Hopefully we have your answer here, if not please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly experienced team.


The biggest difference is the construction of the roof. A conservatory has over 75% of the roof glazed, an orangery has less than 75%. A conservatory by definition must also have over 50% of its wall area glazed.


As structures mainly consisting of glass, both orangeries and conservatories tend to be colder in the winter and warmer in the summer.


An orangery or orangerie was a room or a dedicated building on the grounds of fashionable residences from the 17th to the 19th centuries where orange and other fruit trees were protected during the winter, as a very large form of greenhouse or conservatory.


If you are interested in finding out more about our range of orangeries, please submit your details. An appointment will be set up with one of our expert surveyors and a free quote issued for your consideration.


As a family business there is nothing more important to us than a family feel and service. All our staff have bought into this philosophy and add to our first – class friendly service.


We have no hidden fees or costs. We feel that being 100% transparent with our prices is the best way forward. We may not the cheapest , but we aim to be the best , and as our famous slogan is “Quality pays for itself” we truly do believe this.

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