Why you should consider a conservatory

inside conservatory


The first benefit of investing in a conservatory that probably comes to everyone’s mind is extra space but adding a conservatory can be so much more.

Conservatories can be used for such a variety of uses, is it going to be an extension of your living room, bringing the outdoors into the kitchen, turning a dining room into an alfresco dining experience, the options are endless. Deciding what you will be using the conservatory for is the first stage in planning.

Having an additional versatile space that fits with your lifestyle will also make your property more desirable in the resale market. What value the conservatory will add will vary depending on size and the style you choose. Either way, be it a small lean too or a grand Edwardian style conservatory we can work to design something to fit with the style, look and use you are after.

It is important to consider when planning the direction the conservatory will be facing, here at I.C Davison we will work with you through the design process to make sure you get the best out of your new conservatory.

South facing will be in the sun all day so has the potential to be very hot in the summer so make sure you think carefully about blinds and ventilation.

North facing will see partial sun at the start and end of the day so shouldn’t get overly hot in the summer. In the winter however you will find this will be a very cold room so think about how you plan on heating the conservatory and installing blinds that will retain heat.

East facing would make a perfect breakfast room, the sun will be on the conservatory in the morning so won’t overheat during the day but could be chilly in the evenings so you may want to consider some heating options.

West facing conservatories will get most of the sun in the afternoon and evenings making for an ideal environment for dining and some tropical plants.

Getting the planning right will allow you to add a fabulous useable all year round room to your house, bringing a little of the outdoors in which can be a welcome addition in the cold winter months.

After investing in a conservatory the last thing you want is for it to feel like an add on that isn’t used to its full potential, a conservatory should feel like part of the house and flow from the room it comes off.

Some simple ways to achieve this could be using the same colour scheme, keeping the flooring the same in the rooms, blinds and soft furnishings that compliment or match. Working with this in mind will ensure the conservatory becomes a natural extension to the home.

Being able to use your conservatory all year round is a concern many clients have, historically they were too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Technology has helped this greatly with more advanced windows allowing temperature controlling to be far more manageable. Alongside this development in blinds and shutters enables you to have full control of how much sunlight gets in. Adding heating either through joining into your current central heating or investing in some heaters will enable the room to be used all year round.

Choosing the right furniture and lighting to compliment your conservatory and give the room its identity is very important. Gone are the days of the cane furniture in conservatories, if you plan on using it as a living area invest in a comfortable sofa that you will want to sit on. Adding homely touches like rugs, coffee table, ornaments and lighting to take you from day to night and give the conservatory a cosy feel in the evenings.

Adding some tropical plants that thrive in warm sunny environments will help to bring the outdoors in and connect the conservatory to the garden.

The options are endless but thinking about how the conservatory is to be used to fit with your lifestyle and planning your furniture carefully will help you get the most out of your new room. Here at I.C.Davison we can help with advising the best types of window covering and heating options to help you get the most from your new conservatory.